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Thank you so much for all your help.   I got your bill today and it was worth every penny!   I will stay in touch with you as I'm sure I'm going to come up with some questions that I will need answers to.

Doreen Winchester
Rod’s Mobil
Putney, Vermont

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You have been an invaluable resource for the Brattleboro Music Center.  Thank you for all you have done this past year in supporting Sabine and making sense out of our financial/IT quagmire!  You have made such a difference to the BMC.

Margery McCrum
President, Board of Trustees
Brattleboro Music Center

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I want to thank you for all that you have done, to get Abbott’s Glen on the right track.  Just as you said, “my desk time has been cut in half” and I feel organized for the first time in 6 years of business.

We can move forward with a clean slate thanks to your efforts.  You were a pleasure to work with.

Amy Abbott
Abbott's Glen Inn

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Thanks again for all your help. I always come away feeling like I've learned so much. It makes me wonder what "tricks" I don't know.

Chris Yost
Christine Yost Bookeeping

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My firm helps business owners enhance the value of their company by identifying key performance measures and embedding a structured and practical reporting mechanism in the company to track progress and ensure accountability. To that end, we must be certain of the performance data's integrity, and that it's reported in a manner that makes sense for the company and owner.

When we encounter a client that is plagued with financial disorganization and the absence of a rational accounting system, we often turn to Lisa Bloch's unparalleled expertise in her field. Lisa understands the relationship between the organization and sensibility of such a system, and the company's overall health and ability to create value for the owner. In every case, Lisa injects the engagement with financial organization, efficient reporting procedures, and the needed education. In turn, our clients are left with an accounting system they can finally rely on to make wise business decisions to meet their objective - building a valuable company.

Chuck Richards, CEO & Founder
Chairman's View

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I purchased QuickBooks Pro, took a training class, read the manual, and met with an accountant to set up my company’s accounting system. But it never got off the ground. I found all of the instruction I received to be no help at all. Frustration set in and I gave up. Five years later I decided to give it another try. This time I was determined to make it work. Fortunately, I was put in touch with Lisa Bloch of Accounting Systems Design.

From the day we met at Lisa’s office, to the in-person training at my shop, through the remote sessions we occasionally still have today, I have found Lisa to be incredibly knowledgeable and delightful to work with. I might even go as far as to say that the training sessions were fun! Lisa took a great interest in our business and expertly tailored the software to our specific needs.

I am now using Quickbooks Pro every day and appreciate that I can confidently take this knowledge with me anywhere. I would highly recommend Accounting Systems Design to any business, large or small, who is looking to bring their bookkeeping system to the next level.

Laurie Wilson
Wilson Woodworking

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Lisa Bloch at Accounting Systems Design has been instrumental in helping our small business get its accounting feet under itself, especially with regards to using the Quickbooks applications. As with many small businesses, the number of demands on the to-do list can be overwhelming - especially the record keeping and business analysis tasks. Lisa has a very comfortable and personal style of coaching us, as neophytes, through the ins and outs of the Intuit software, so that we can access the built-in features efficiently and knowledgably. She has always been there when we needed her, to back us up and work through a situation that had us stymied. She brings her wealth of experience with other small businesses to the table, and has an uncanny knack for understanding the nuances of a specialty enterprise, sorting through the piles of data, and constructing a logical and workable framework to handle the unique bookkeeping requirements of each endeavor. We recommend her professional services and personal charm to anyone seeking to get a grip on those often daunting piles of receipts and invoices, with a well-designed and user-friendly accounting system for their business.

Rich and Marianne Holschuh
Concrete Detail

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I'm nominating you for goddess. Definitely.

Lynda McCann Gillman, M.Ed.
Israel Congregation of Manchester

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We recently did a complete restructuring of our chart of accounts. With Lisa Bloch guiding the way she helped us transform them into a clear, concise, well-organized chart of accounts. Working with Lisa is such a joy - her combination of professionalism and great sense of humor made the whole process go smoothly. Our reports are much easier to read, posting income/expense items is fast and the overall functioning of our system has been greatly improved. I can't say enough good things about Lisa - we so enjoy working with her. I especially value her ability to explain the functioning of QuickBooks. She shared suggestions that have greatly improved the usability of items in tracking both income and expense. I highly recommend Lisa Bloch for all your accounting needs!

Anne Morton
Compass School

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I have worked with Lisa Bloch and Accounting Systems Design for over two years now, since the inception of my company, Hiler Hospitality, LLC. Her help at the start of my business was invaluable. She has an excellent knowledge of the ins and outs of QuickBooks and her ability to organize and prioritize financial data has actually given me a better understanding of my company. While the initial consultation helped me get started, subsequent meetings have helped me develop a path on which to take my business forward. I would recommend Lisa to any company looking to gain a stronger overview of their finances or wishing to develop a clearer road map to the future.

David Hiler
Hiler Hospitality, LLC.

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Lisa Bloch helped us tremendously at Deerhill Inn in reconfiguring QuickBooks to better serve our needs and take advantage the features built into the program. We initially used QuickBooks mostly to enter and pay bills and to keep an account of our sales. We relied on an accountant to take the raw information and generate monthly reports and statements as well as do our payroll. After a year of this, we consulted Lisa with the idea of teaching us how to better use QuickBooks to perform these functions in-house.

Lisa did a great job of listening to our needs and setting up procedures that were easy to understand.  She reorganized our chart of accounts to make it more accessible, developed custom monthly reports, taught us how to use QuickBooks features such as daily sales reports, and she set up payroll in QuickBooks so we now easily do it ourselves. 

Thanks to Lisa’s help, we are now saving money on accountant and payroll expenses, saving time though streamlined procedures as well as having a better handle on the day-to-day operations of the business.  And because Lisa is such fun to work with, it made this daunting task a pleasant experience.

Stan Gresens
Deerhill Inn

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Lisa Bloch is wonderful! She came into our lives and created order where there was chaos. Not only did she "fix" the problems, but she took the time to teach us about this powerful software. Beyond her technical prowess and organizational expertise, I would say that her greatest asset is her personable manner. She actually makes bookkeeping fun! To me that's quite an accomplishment!

Amelia Farnum
Chad Farnum Builders, LLC

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Lisa Bloch is a great teacher. She helped us to personalize our system and help to train me in the use of our accounting software. She was terrific. She is a great communicator and she is very patient. I would recommend her to anyone.

Ona Johnston
Christian Heritage School

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Lisa Bloch analyzed our problems and recommended a complete rebuild of our QuickBooks file. Lisa not only rebuilt and reconciled 9 months of data she also streamlined our processes and taught us how to use QuickBooks more efficiently. Lisa's calm, insightful and professional advice and work resulted in a smooth and highly accurate transition to a clean file that's a pleasure to use. I wish I had found Lisa Bloch and Accounting System Designs 5, 10 or 15 years ago.

Hal Lier, Owner
NE Fitness Equipment

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Lisa Bloch has helped us immeasurably at the Latchis Hotel and Theatre. By organizing and streamlining our financial reports, she's bridged the gap between what our accountants require and what the Latchis Corporation board would like to see. Lisa works closely with our management staff to set up easy-to-use procedures and helps them hone their QuickBooks skills.

Gail Nunziata
Managing Director
Brattleboro Arts Initiative
Latchis Hotel and Theatre

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Lisa Bloch set up our accounting system to effectively deal with a complicated foreign exchange problem particular to our type of business. She took the time to understand our particular problems and then provided very effective solutions.

Dr. Michael Mross
Vermont Photonics Technologies Corp.

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I was overwhelmed and bogged down with an accounting system that felt inefficient and over-complicated. Lisa came in, reviewed our current accounting systems, asked lots of questions and then gently implemented changes that have made my job faster and easier. I am thrilled with the changes! I've learned more about what QuickBooks can do for me. Our financial reports make more sense. We have better control of our budget. After one QuickBooks lesson with Lisa my assistant is now managing accounts payable. I am grateful to have found a person who has helped me make better sense of this important part of my job.

Jennifer Ottinger
High 5 Adventure Learning Center

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Lisa Bloch was extremely helpful in creating an accounting system for our business that we could navigate intuitively. With little background in accounting, a nonlinear thought process and a very busy schedule we were confused and overwhelmed by the details of maintaining our books. Lisa helped us to streamline our invoicing and created a system that allows us to use our numbers in a meaningful way. This has assisted us in better managing our cash flow. We wanted an internet based system and chose to use QuickBooks Online, which Lisa researched and supported. Her patient and friendly manner allowed the whole process to feel empowering and exciting. We walked away with less stress and more understanding. Well worth it!

Cydney Smith and Chris Cotton
Inner Connections, Inc.

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I invited Lisa in to help me get a handle on an accounting system that was in need of much help. In a short amount of time she was able to help me bring much needed order to the chaos I had created in our somewhat complex business. Lisa's style couldn't have been better for me. She calmly and patiently answered all my questions and methodically helped me work through the problems and issues I had. Lisa has excellent teaching skills and even though I know I made many "stupid" mistakes she never made me feel that way. Her concise explanations and her practical suggestions were exactly what I needed. Her work with us was invaluable.

Steve Jonas, Business Manager
Julie Moir Messervy and Associates, Inc.
Landscape Design Consultants

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Although I've been in business for twenty five years, I've never enjoyed (nor have I been particularly good at) using accounting systems (first paper, now electronic) efficiently and effectively. I've always tried to keep systems simple, but useful. My business is more complicated than it seems at first glance, and by the time I found Lisa Bloch I had been through years of frustration with various software and software accounting advisors, as well as a couple versions of QuickBooks that I thought I could set up myself (big mistake). My choices seemed to be to pay a bookkeeper OR to spend more time learning accounting than I wanted or needed to. I often found myself feeling stupid ('This is so easy!’ some advisor would say to me. Well, maybe easy for you, but not for me!!). I know my business; I needed to find someone who would really listen to how it worked and teach me how to do it myself on QuickBooks.

When I found Lisa, I found that person. She took time to really listen to the facts about my business, and then she designed a program that worked for ME and also took advantage of all that QuickBooks has to offer. I have always worked on a Mac, and Lisa quickly found her way around the new QuickBooks for Mac, set up my systems, procedures, and created the reports I needed. She explained things in a way that made sense for my business, and listened patiently to all my questions and concerns.

I'm not a QuickBooks pro, by any means, but I don't need to be because Lisa is only a phone call away. Meanwhile, I'm able to see the complete financials of my business and do all the necessary daily functions because of Lisa's setup and tutoring. I highly recommend her.

Linda Roghaar
Linda Roghaar Literary Agency

"I've often mentioned to friends and colleagues that the money I spent to have Lisa Bloch set up QuickBooks for me was one of the best investments I've ever made!

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With a blend of integrity, professionalism, expertise in QuickBooks, and frequent doses of good humor, Lisa Bloch completely reorganized my business's financial reporting system. She developed templates specifically to meet the needs of my company, giving me the tools I needed to make better decisions based on accurate information and reasonable projections. When I was finally ready to sell the business, her years of dedication to detail, and the integrity of the data in her reporting procedures, provided the prospective buyer with the information they needed and assurance they were reviewing accurate financial information. To this end, the closing took place in just six months!

I can't thank Lisa enough for helping me throughout this process. She's terrific.

Judeth LeFevre,
Former owner of The Vermont Country Deli

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Three years ago we became owners of an inn/restaurant and in looking back at all of the achievements and mistakes that we made, I feel that hiring and working with Lisa Bloch was one of the best decisions for our business.

Lisa was able to set us up with QuickBooks (a program that I had never used) to make accounting work well and efficiently. She has trained me at my pace to take on more of the daily entry, payroll, and tax responsibility. She not only educated me on the QuickBooks program and payroll but also set up a number of Excel worksheets, including meals and rooms tax calculation worksheet, food and payroll cost analysis, retail food purchase analysis, department of employment and training worksheet, gift certificate registry, and workman’s compensation wage worksheets for insurance—all of which helps us stay on top of the bottom line and tax responsibility.

Lisa’s knowledge and friendship is invaluable to both me and our business and I would highly recommend her accounting service to both new and existing business.

Mary and Sean Yancey
The Townshend Country Inn

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I was hired by Building A Better Brattleboro as the Administrative Assistant. One of my new tasks was to learn QuickBooks and start doing the books in-house.

I was sent to a QuickBooks class taught by Lisa Bloch. It was a difficult class to teach because we were all at different levels of experience. I came back from that class very enthusiastic about QuickBooks and Lisa! The class was worthwhile for all of us and it was apparent that Lisa was extremely knowledgeable about the subject.

When we needed a consultant to set up our accounting system, we called Lisa. She set up a very efficient Chart of Accounts and trained me in QuickBooks and doing the payroll. Within a short period of time, I was comfortable using the system. I knew that if I ever had a problem, Lisa was only a phone call away. Many of my questions were answered over the phone. We had scheduled appointments for other more complicated tasks.

I feel very fortunate to have found someone of Lisa’s qualifications to get the system and me up and running so quickly.

Doreen Wonderlick
Building a Better Brattleboro

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Lisa Bloch has been a huge help. She set up our new accounting system and trained me to run it. I can always count on her if I run into any accounting problems.

Clare Adams
Adams Hardwood Floors

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I came to Lisa Bloch with a good basic understanding of QuickBooks, and had even read two books about the software, but I needed help customizing QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition for Armor Lightning Protection's unique business. Lisa listened carefully to my needs, and worked with me to set up many individual aspects of QuickBooks to work together seamlessly. In just a few hours I got answers to questions I had never been able to find in Help Menus, books, or even online help groups. I would highly recommend Lisa whether you consider yourself a "newbie" or an experienced QuickBooks user.

Alexa Manning
Vice President
Armor Lightning Protection

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I have been a building contractor for the past 18 years. For most of that time my bookkeeping needs were handled outside my office. A year ago I hired an office manager. We contacted Lisa Bloch to help us organize our Quickbooks program.

Although my office manager has no formal bookkeeping training Lisa has helped her understand the many possibilities of the software. It seems Lisa makes each meeting into both a Quickbooks session and an accounting seminar. My office manager has both a better understanding of quickbooks and the principals behind the accounting involved.

From the business owner's perspective, it is clear that Lisa realizes we are in business to service our customers, that the bookkeeping end is necessary, but is a byproduct of what we actually do to earn a living. When she suggests changes she is clear that they need to fit with our business direction. Both the time and money we have spent with Lisa have been well worth it. I would highly recommend her services to any business.

David Ross
David Ross Builder, Inc

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Lisa Bloch did a wonderful job helping to understand KUSIKUY's needs as a small wholesaler/importer. She quickly updated and customized our old QuickBooks system to meet the new demands of our growing company.

Tamara Stenn, Director,
KUSIKUY Clothing Co.

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…the work Lisa Bloch did setting things up has been a life saver this year, especially these last couple of months, which have been very, very busy.

Kate Dodge
Putney Mountain Winery

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We had never used QuickBooks before, but when we launched Rock River Editions, we decided we needed a more sophisticated method of keeping track of our business. It was a little daunting at first, but with Lisa's calm, and reassuring manner, we learned it pretty quickly. As a design and photography studio, we are not number crunchers.... but with her guidance, we've become quite capable of keeping track of all the money flowing in and out of our business. Having Lisa Bloch set everything up at the outset was money very well spent!

Carol Ross and Chris Triebert
Rock River Editions

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We would recommend Lisa Bloch for her highly competent and friendly services. Lisa has always been helpful when ever we needed her. Her experience and understanding guides you easily toward the goal you wish to accomplish.

Rupert & Honey Zinn
Zinn Graphics, Inc.

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Although I use QuickBooks on a regular basis, Lisa Bloch was able to show me some of the finer nuances in the software. Not only did she demonstrate some features of QuickBooks that I had not used before but she also showed me new techniques, enabling me to move more efficiently between different modules.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone, veteran or novice bookkeeper who use QuickBooks.

Her easy manner and thoughtful approach made our time together both highly efficient and useful.

Bob Lyons, Bookkeeper
Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce

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When I first assumed the position of administrator of the Vermont Jazz Center I was completely unaware of how essential it would be for me to have good computer skills. Up until that time my experience had been limited to writing emails and doing simple word processing on my iMac. Within days of starting the job I was completely overwhelmed and felt totally incompetent to carry out the responsibilities I'd assumed. After all, what was I, a psychiatric nurse by profession, thinking when I took this on? And here I was, facing the end of the pay period with staff awaiting their checks.

On a recommendation I called Lisa Bloch. She assured me that I would be able to quickly acquire the skills I needed. She proceeded to identify and fix problems with the system itself and then patiently guided me through the process of becoming computer literate, QuickBooks savvy and confident to do my job. She offered to be available to me at any time and has kept her word. Lisa is intelligent, respectful and reliable....a great teacher and a valuable resource.

Beth Kiendl
Vermont Jazz Center

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Dear Lisa,

I just wanted to thank you for your helping me with my QuickBooks program.  I had fumbled through it for years and knew that I simply didn't understand how to use it effectively.  You were very professional and kind as you helped me start over and set me up so that I could function without a lot of extra time investment.  You are a great listener and really heard my abilities and limitations and helped me quickly learn what was necessary to move me forward. 

I also appreciated that you worked within my budget and made it possible to get your help.  I have recommended you to many people and will continue to do so.  You are excellent at your work and above all, you are a top flight professional. Not all technical, financial folks have people skills as well as business talent.  You get A+ in both. 

My best to you always, 

Liz Jones
Nutrition Education Services

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Lisa Bloch's intimate knowledge of QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition accounting systems and inventory control mechanisms has been an enormous help as our company has worked toward a precise inventory valuation. She is a pleasure to work with and a valuable resource.

Mark Nunziata, Business Manager
Mocha Joe's Roasting Co.

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Lisa Bloch enabled me to streamline my bookkeeping process by weaning me away from pencil and paper and onto QuickBooks Pro for Mac. She is a gifted teacher. Her enthusiasm and sense of humor made our sessions enjoyable. Money very well spent.

Joan Peters
Color Consultant
Decorative Painter

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The advice, software and service provided by Accounting Systems Design has really helped my business become more efficient. It's been great working with Lisa.

Eric M. Morse,
Land Surveyor

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Lisa Bloch has been tremendously helpful to us at Double Edge Theatre. She has worked with us to learn to use Quickbooks more and more efficiently to get what we need from our Bookkeeping and more importantly has shared her experience and knowledge within the non - profit arts sector to help us improve our accounting systems with the understanding of who we are and how we need things done. She has been a great asset to us.

Carlos Uriona, Producing Director
Double Edge Theatre

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After years without, our small non-profit decided to get an audit done and discovered that auditors, these days, don't deal with hand-written books. We needed computerized records and were clueless. Fortunately, we happened on Lisa Bloch. And, after not many set-up and training sessions, even our most computer-averse person is happy and impressed! We'll have handy records for the auditor, produce monthly reports with ease, keep better track of a loan program, and easily generate figures for our 990 IRS report. And Lisa, throughout, has been wonderful to work with: amazingly patient, skilled and good-humored. An exceptional teacher.

Byron Stookey
Brattleboro Area Affordable Housing

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Lisa Bloch has worked with Windham County throughout the 2007 year, helping us to computerize our finances.  Up until this past year the County has used a ledger system.  Lisa has helped us work through considerable resistance to entering the 21st century's technology.  She has infinite patience and good humor and, just as important, lots of expertise.  Her can-do attitude has been invaluable.  Have a hard job to be done?  Use Lisa Bloch Accounting Systems Design.

Honorable Mary Ann Clarkson, Windham County Assistant Judge
Windham County Court

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